Non-Cost scoring

Every company that regularly competes for government contracts is familiar with the evaluation criteria usually contained in Section M of the solicitation or elsewhere in the solicitation for purchases of commercial items. These criteria generally address how the agency will evaluate the relative strength of technical capabilities, past performance, experience, key personnel, and price. Other evaluation factors also can be included, depending on the nature of the particular procurement.

These are usually broken up into Factors and Subfactors. A Factor is a specific characteristic that is tied to significant requirements that will have an impact on the selection of an offeror. A Subfactor is a descriptive element of a principal factor. The subfactors should be relevant to the selection of an offeror.

In this section, you will give each competitor a summary total score, sort of like a grade, based on how they would perform across all factors of the non-cost critieria.

This is where you quantify all factors not related to cost.  This includes all factors and subfactors

Here you can create as many possible scores you think an organization can receive.  This will allow you to test different outcomes of different scores

When you hover over each Non-Cost score you will be able to see any note or description related to it.