Creating Scenarios

Different Competition Scenarios allow the user to compare “What-if” analyses in a structured format – i.e. what happens if Competitor A receives a higher technical evaluation color scores; what happens if Competitor B reduces their price for a specific CLIN. It is ultimately up to the user to aggregate these scenarios in their final determination of their Price to Win Bid Amount.

Name your scenario so you can quickly recall why this scenario was created.

Here you’ll want to right a description on what makes this scenario unique for your own reference.  Or if you are sharing with others, they can understand your thinking behinds this “What If”

You’ll choose only one of the Market Pricing offers that this company could bid with in this scenario.

You choose only one score for this scenario.  You can create different scenarios using different scores.

For every scenario, you will choose one company you would like to calculate the Price to Win for.  Usually this is your company but TruPredict allows you to see the price to win for other organizations.

Here is where you’ll choose from the different factor weightings you created earlier.  This will allow you to test different assumptions about the importance to the customer