Evaluation Criteria Weights

A customer will evaluate the competitors for pursuits based on Cost/Price and Non-Cost factors.

Here we need a way to quantify the level of importance of factors to the customer.

Define how the customer will weight these factors, if the customer has not explicitly defined the evaluation criteria rules TruPredict lets you model different weighting options to try out different scenarios.

These are used later to craft competitive landscape scenarios.

TruPredict evaluates these scenarios during Price to Win analysis to determine the best bidding options to increase your odds of winning the competition.

List of all the weighting criteria you have created

Add new weighting criteria to your pursuit.  You can create an unlimited about of weighting criteria.

You can add as many different combination of weights to test your assumptions.  When creating your weights, you will manually input the weight of both the non-cost factors and cost factors.  

NOTE: All factors must add up to 100%.  If you cannot hit save, please double check your weights add up to 100%

Name the weighting criteria for your own reference

Describe the the why behind the weighting criteria.  

Manually enter in the weight for all cost/price factors in the form of a percentage.

Manually enter in the weight for all other non-cost factors in the form of a percentage.

If you cannot continue, it is because your weights for this criteria should equal 100%