Adding Competitors

In this section, you will add any and all potential competitors that could possibly be bidding on this pursuit.  This would also include yourself, as an organization.

You will use these competitors when you create competitive landscape scenarios.  

TruPredict evaluates these scenarios during Price to Win analysis to determine the best bidding options to increase your odds of winning the competition.

NOTE: You must have at least 2 competitors to move on to the next step

Here is where you add Competitors.  You can add as many as you like.  They will be saved so you can use them in future Pursuits

This let’s us know who may potentially bid on this pursuits.  This includes your organization as well as any other possible organizations.

If you cannot proceed to the next step or this next is greyed out, it is because you must have to competitors.

When you add a new competitor a new pop up window will appear.  The name of the competitor is required.  Adding a description and a logo are completely optional.   Every competitor you add here will be stored for future use.