User Interface

After selecting a file to open, you will see TruPredict’s main window. The workspace is split into 3 main sections.

  • Menu
  • Navigation Drawer
  • Current Pages


The left portion of the Menu section allows you to perform file management tasks such as saving and loading. The middle portion of this section shows what page is currently being presented in the Current Page section. This section also has buttons to toggle the visibility of the Navigation Drawer (left) and the Undo/Redo panel (right).

Navigation Drawer

The Navigation Drawer allows you to move between different steps in the TruPredict process. The TruPredict process is broken into several categories, each with multiple pages. The selected page will determine what content appears in the Current Page section. The initially selected page is the TruPredict Setup Page.

Current Page

The Current Page section is the main content area that presents the content for the currently selected page in the Navigation drawer.